St.Pete Nitro Track Club

Our Mission

- Our Mission Is To Encourage And Help Young People Develop:

1.Physically: By Learning Skills Related To The Sport Of Track And Field And Improving Their Physical Conditioning.

2. Emotionally: By Building Their Feeling Of Self-Esteem By Recongnizing their Individual Achievements.

3. Socially: By Having Fun, Forming Bonds Of Friendships And Learning Good Sportsmanship.

4. Technically: By Learning The Fundaments Of Track And Field And Following Through To Participate At The Highest Level

 Our Values

-The Values We Want To Teach Include But Are Not Limited To; Love, Respect Their Parents, Family Members, Teachers, Peers, Friends, And Live Their Lives With Integrity, To Be Well Disciplined, Continue Their Education, Have Good Attitudes, To Say Away Form Drugs, Gangs, And Violence; Teach Teamwork, Commitment And To Teach The Sport Of Track Through The Methods Of St. Pete Nitro Track Club. The Sport Of Track Will Someday End For These Athletes But These Values Will Last A Lifetime.

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